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Welcome to Armourcop Glass Security Systems Ltd
A one-stop-center for all your security Equipment & Services


Armourcop Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism Unit (AICU)
This is one of the most strategic unit in the entire Armourcop Security Group. With assistance from our sister company: Agent-X VIP Bodyguard Services Ltd, It provides timely intelligence, counter-intelligence, target profiling, phone location tracking, vehicle GPS tracking, individual/company background checks, threat/risk analysis, geographical intelligence, counter-ambushing and terrorist driver/bodyguard training mainly to law-enforcement agencies and critical national/private corporations and more

Armourcop Cyber-warfare & Defence Unit (Unit-X)
This is our main department that is responsible for all cyber security issues, including defence, threat monitoring/mitigation, counter-attack, training and consultancy.

In addition to training private security guards on modern security, protection, counter-terrorism and intelligence techniques, we also proffer anti-crime, anti-robbery solutions to gated communities and highly secured estate, Villa, VIP homes and offices.

Armourcop Private Investigation Unit (APIU)

We also undertake discreet Private investigation of any kind and in any part of Nigeria

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